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... exhaust pipe and I didn t know what length I would need to cut it to for installation in the car So the sound of the heater was rather loud It sounds like a jet engine a steady roar rather than the putt putt putt of an internal combustion engine The fuel pump makes a little noise too It s a pulse 12V pump which makes a steady repeating clicking sound It was interesting to see the fuel pumped up from the bottle with little air bubbles in it at first then slowly going away once the fuel fully filled the line I shot some stills and motion video with my thermal camera The exhaust pipe does get very hot as one might expect The water in the bucket started off at room temperature and fairly quickly heated up It didn t take long until there was steam rising from the top of the bucket The rubber radiator hose is an insulator compared to the metal components I measured water coming out of the hose at over 170 degrees F I believe that the heater in the iMiEV tops out at 140 degrees Overall it was a great first test and I m fairly impressed Next maybe I ll just install the muffler at the very end so I can hear what a difference it makes WITHOUT having to yet cut the exhaust pipe I also need to measure how much fuel I used I started with a full bottle and ran the heater for 30 minutes so I should easily be able to calculate a volume of fuel per hour of heating I m hoping to install the heater in the car sometime later this week I also need to make an appointment to go visit the friend who makes his own ethanol so that I can run the heater on home brew Till next time stay fired up Ben Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Tell a friend 1 comment Prius 12V Battery Replacement and the Ice Pick by Ben N on January 24 2016 I like ice in a glass with a drink So when it was time to replace the 12V battery in our Prius I wan t pleased to see it frozen in place encased in a block of solid ice Recently we ve had a spell of extra cold weather multiple days of 0 degrees Fahrenheit with 15 to 20 below windchills One of those mornings I got a panicked call from my wife trapped at the grocery store because the Prius wouldn t start I ended up driving over there in the Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car and brought my jumper cables Sure enough the Prius was as dead as a door nail The dome lights wouldn t come on no signs of life whatsoever When it s that cold jumper cables don t uncurl they just stay frozen in whatever coiled up shape they were in Likewise it s ill advisable to be outdoors without thick gloves yet the tiny plastic hooks that hold the fuse box cover on cannot be undone with hands so encumbered I heard once that everything on the exterior of the Space Shuttles and the Space Station is very large and easy to grasp so that astronauts in their bulky space suits can still fix things Long story short I got the Prius started although it took a while and I was not very comfortable Even after I got it started I still had to clear out all the error codes and reset the computer Why the car started OK at the house but NOT later at the grocery store I ll never know The only thing that I could think of is that the car was more exposed to the wind at the store So I decided it was time for a new battery I really wanted to get something better than a stock battery and I had heard that Optima designed a battery just for the Prius I had always been very happy with the YellowTops I put in my motorcycle so I decided I d get the small Optima for the Prius I checked online and saw that the local auto parts store had one in stock for 230 Sounded a little pricy to me I checked some other sources and eventually found that I could get the same battery on Amazon com WITH here s the kicker FREE shipping for 150 I figured that I wanted the weather to warm up a little before I changed the battery I cold wait two days for the battery to show up and the weather to warm So that s why I was out in my driveway today Time to swap out for the new battery In a Prius the battery is in the far back right corner Basically it s in the trunk instead of under the hood I figured that may have contributed to why it didn t work Not only was it cold but it didn t even get any heat when the engine was running I cleared out the trunk folded back the cover removed the right rear panel that covers the battery and got to work To start with the top of the battery is covered with several electrical connections that go to a few small fuses right on the battery I unplugged those Next was removing a plastic vent that goes over the battery One bolt screwed that to the bottom of the car This car is modified with an aftermarket additional lithium battery A Hymotion L 5 Plug in System Unfortunately it just made it a little harder to get to this bolt I had several socket extensions and I was able to get the 10mm socket down between the...

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