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    dog s behavior is going to be the product of the breeds temperament and the way they were raised If the dog was trained using force or being hit then it may be prone to aggressiveness If the dog was raised by a kind owner that gave the dog a lot of love and positive reinforcement then it will most likely have a friendly and loving disposition Another thing to think about is the energy level of the dog If you are looking at a highly energetic dog like a Jack Russell Terrier be aware that these type of dogs may jump up and unintentionally knock a child down This can be very dangerous for very young children The dogs just want attention and are so excited that they may jump run over or playfully bite children The risk for this can be lowered with positive reinforcement training over time but puppies or untrained adult dogs may exhibit this behavior in certain breeds Long Hair or Short Hair There are not any dogs that do not shed All dogs lose their hair some more than others Some dogs with curly hair like Poodles lose their hair but it gets stuck in the other hair So it may seem like they shed less but they really shed the same amount Among the heavy shedders are German Shepherds several of the Terrier breeds and the Husky Some dog breeds that shed very little are Poodles Schnauzer s and Maltese Most people are allergic to the dander dead skin that falls from dogs and not their hair A lot of people try to avoid the dogs that shed the most fearing that they will have a strong allergic reaction There are several things you can do to minimize the allergic reaction you experience You can give your dog a bath using special shampoo that lowers the allergic effect of their dander You can place air purifiers in rooms that you spend the most time in Being allergic to pet dander can be annoying but if you can do these things to minimize the effects it really is worth it A dog can bring a lot of joy and love to a family so it can be worth some small allergic reactions Health Concerns Most dog breeds have certain health concerns that commonly affect them Not all dogs of the breed will experience these health problems but they are more commonly affected then other breeds When dogs were selected to make a breed they were chosen for desired traits and characteristics Sometimes in this small group of dogs one would carry a gene that could cause a certain health problem This gene would be passed on to all of the dogs in the breed giving them the possibility to experience the health problem Not all dogs of a breed with health concerns will have these problems but it s important to know this information and factor it in on your decision Most dogs will

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