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  • Environmental - Learn About Getting a Career in Environmental Education
    public policy position that affects environmental issues Degrees in this area of environmental study can be expected to provide you with a broad understanding of the science behind sustainability as well as economical ethical business legal and cultural issues surrounding environmental issues The Health Care Perspective There are a few schools that offer a degree in environmental health care studies These degrees differ by school but often cover how environmental factors affect human health with an introduction to medical ethics and law as well Some degrees of this type focus primarily on health care but with an environmental slant and some are primarily environmental degrees with a healthcare concentration The Social Science Perspective Some environmental science degrees have a social science perspective focusing on how environmental issues affect individuals families and entire cultures Some colleges administer these degrees as Social Science degrees augmented by environmental science classes allowing for a concentration in environmental studies The Business Perspective Green business degrees teach you how to manage a business sustainably and with minimum environmental impact Courses you can expect include a combination of business and environmental science classes with possible focuses on economics management organizational ethics and social sustainability environmental laws and regulations pertaining to business and the standards sustainable businesses are held to The Agriculture Perspective Agricultural degrees may or may not be advertised as environmental degrees in some schools but the relevance is obvious Students in agriculture programs generally learn about sustainable agricultural practices soil management animal sciences and more Some schools offer specialized agricultural degrees related to subjects such as fisheries management agribusiness crop engineering and natural resource development What Jobs Are Available The green sector is growing there s no question According to a Pew Charitable Trusts study from 2009 jobs in environmental fields have grown at over twice the national average including jobs at solar and wind powered energy companies makers of efficient light bulbs and environmental engineering firms In another decade there may be jobs and careers available that we can t conceive of now But if you re looking to make a difference now here are a few career opportunities Environmental scientist These scientists work to find solutions to environmental problems using their extensive knowledge of environmental sciences These scientists need a solid understanding of the science behind conservation recycling renewable resources and pollution cleanup An environmental scientist might design a waste disposal site work to reclaim polluted land and bodies of water or assess the potential environmental impact of construction and other projects Average earnings in this career range from 45 340 to 78 980 Environmental engineer These professionals use engineering technology and science education to help organizations and societies use biological resources efficiently These scientists design machinery and equipment and help farmers get the most out of their soil companies monitor their environmental impact and create ecologically sound processes and products Some engineers have specific specialties in subjects such as structural engineering bioprocesses or machinery design Median earnings for agricultural engineers are around

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