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    D E as a detoxifier D E is also considered as an internal cleansing agent Due to its absorptive capacity the diatomite molecules absorb not only heavy metals and toxins from the body but also adheres with viruses and harmful bacteria living within the digestive system and as the excess element goes out of the body with bowel it also takes out the toxic elements cleaning the digestive system making it capable to function in a better way Detoxing With Silica and Diatomaceous Earth Food grade D E is also used as a de worming agent in humans as well as animals D E for better skin health Silica can help in slowing down the degenerative process of the connective tissues Collagen which is a vital constituent of skin and is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin is largely made up of silica So in order to stay away from skin issues and symptoms of skin aging taking diatomaceous earth food grade can be of great help Read More Healthy Drinking Habits Using Olivia Pope s Wine Glass January 4 2015 January 4 2015 Maria Flocks Of Scandal Fans Want To Know Where To Get The Olivia Pope Wine Glass And Other Fashion Items From The TV Show If you re ever up late watching an episode of Scandal on ABC you ve probably seen the Olivia Pope wine glass She seems to be constantly taking a sip of wine after a stressful situation some even think she has a problem In a few episodes we have even seen her drink wine straight from the bottle Anyway the big question that most people have is where they can actually buy the Olivia Pope wine glass Major retailers like Amazon are often times sold out and even the official manufacturer of the elegant wine glass tends to sell out often How prevalent is Olivia Pope s red wine drinking to Scandal For starters you can order her wine glass of choice the Camille red wine glass in either 23 or 13 ounces And just recently a prominent wine connoisseur stated Olivia Pope was not drinking wine correctly She was holding it from the goblet and not the stem and she was not taking time to smell and savor the wine When you have a wine glass selling based on a show and the wine tasting community is taking notice of your show then you know the wine drinking is a part of Scandal as much as the scandals and the drama escapades Something that is also becoming very popular are wine drinking games that can be played at home while viewing Scandal Both Entertainment Weekly and Cosmopolitan have put out their own varieties of drinking games Many fans have also posted their versions as well So what are some of the most common triggers Anytime Olivia Pope wears white take a drink When Huck and Finn make out take a drink If someone gets tortured you have to take

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