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  • Heroin Use and Pregnancy
    later in childhood Some studies also suggest that children that are exposed to heroin before they re born have an increased risk of learning and behavioral problems also Mothers who abuse heroin during their pregnancy don t eat right sleep right and experience emotional problems like depression or anxiety Due to the mothers own impaired health from heroin use the fetus is growing inside an unhealthy mother to begin with Combining this with a toxic and dangerous drug like heroin which is a drug that no one is ever sure what it consists of just increases the serious and dangerous consequences of heroin use Heroin is a very powerful and addictive drug and if a mother exposes her unborn child to this drug during pregnancy the baby will require treatment for the withdrawal symptoms the infant will experience after it s born The length of time a baby has been exposed to heroin in the womb and dose of heroin used makes a difference with the symptoms of withdrawal the newborn can experience The heavier the dose of heroin and the longer they ve been exposed in the womb the more severe the withdrawal symptoms will be The withdrawal symptoms a newborn that s addicted to heroin can experience include Fever Sneezing Trembling Irritability Diarrhea Vomiting Continued crying Seizures Quitting Heroin Use During Pregnancy If a woman is a heroin user they should never stop suddenly on their own they should always seek medical advice and treatment from their health care provider SUDDENLY STOPPING THE USE OF HEROIN WHILE PREGNANT CAN RESULT IN THE BABY S DEATH Heroin Detox Methadone Treatment Centers Alabama 334 649 3039 Arkansas 870 277 4314 Connecticut 860 986 7636 Florida 561 859 0771 Idaho 208 473 2876 Iowa 712 266 3564 Louisiana 318 935 6161

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