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  • hospital impact - Hospital / Healthcare blog is one month old!
    your 2 hit but if you search for healthcare blog no s hospital impact will be your 244 hit Also Jack Welch 8 Leadership Principle is your 1 hit on yahoo but no where to be found on google The only thing I have figured out is that yahoo uses the key words associated with the blog where as google doesn t I enjoy learning new things As nerdy as it sounds blogging seems to be yet another manifestation of this inherent curiousity and desire to learn The physical process of writing and editing clarifies the idea in my mind helping me to learn Other ways this has manifested itself Last year my sister and I were walking down the street and passed a crafts store We went in with no agenda but came out with yarn two sticks and a how to book 3 hours later we had knit an ugly scarf Also I recently decided to learn how to play the accordian Just finished learning The Godfather I m a sucker for stats I don t know if this is a guy thing i e the popularity of fantasy sports a geek thing or a performance driven thing but I watch my web statistics way too much I need to publicly confess that I have looked at my blog stats page and hit refresh to see the hits number go up one by one by the way the stats of visits 2 000 of unique visitors 380 of hits 37 000 hits although probably 30 000 of those are me checking stats of times I ve wanted to discontinue hospital impact 3 of times I ve mistakenly visited a bad site while researching for hospital impact 3 Average of times I edit a post after it s been published 4 5 of times I ve blogged when I should ve been doing something else 20 of sites that link to hospital impact 4 of people who have added hospital impact to their favorites est 30 of minutes it takes me to post an entry 40 of spam hits from a paxil selling website 60 of days I didn t post anything 1 Starting this weekend I will be taking weekends off to keep fresh Go Bulls of minutes I should have spent on this post 30 of minutes I actually spent on this post 90 2 comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus Enter your search terms Submit search form Web www hospitalimpact org Get Hospital Impact in your inbox Healthcare Industry news Final Obama budget takes aim at opioid addiction superbugs Zika outbreak White House seeks 1 8B to respond to virus More hospitals replace nurseries with rooming in with moms Hospitals must train millennial nurse leaders in empathy frontline engagement St Louis hospital creates unit to improve outcomes through innovation 4 ways hospitals can foster family centered care Pediatric ER seeks to limit stressors for autistic patients Nurses hospital groups clash on

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