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    d istortion a 2002 founded room to move for musical expression by Alfred Lenz Christian F Schiller a from project to project new defined team to constantly stay in search

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    SO 10 Years StSts January April Lenz R1 May August Schiller 1R September December pfd

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    deepest thanks to Peter Maier pix Lenz Schiller Trummer

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    Drumsets 2 Violins Doublebass Part of Klangwege 03 realised by the Klangforum Vienna Orpheum Graz airplayed on Radio Ö1 Zeitton Schlagschatten 2003 Composition Performance for the ShadowObject Uhrturmschatten Markus Wilfling Part of in dust org finishing composition for Graz03 Cultural Capital of Europe together with Helmut Schäfer zur Zeit leider 2004 for Answering Machine and Electronics Part of Hörfest 04 Forum Stadtpark Graz Zwischenbilanz Minoritensaal Graz airplayed on Radio Ö1 Zeitton schwarz gestreift 2004 for E Bass and Drumset Part of Komprovisation played with Peter Jakober s abwartend MUWA Graz Pflichtwatschn 2004 for Electronics Part of the lee Labelsampler 2 2005 airplayed in London http www frequenzen co uk selected for the SoundDevicesDublin 2013 drunt 2005 for Electronics Part of Hörfest 05 dust basst 2005 for DoubleBass and Assistent i d 2005 Installation Part of elevate Festival together with DD Kern Fuckhead Stallbastei Schloßberg Graz un 2005 for Drumset ChurchOrgan Cello and Assistents commissioned by Klangspuren Schwaz 2005 Cooperation with the Ensemble Recherche Freiburg Germany St Laurentius Church Wattens Tirol aus r asten 2006 for Piano and BassDrum Phase1 2006 outdoor noise action for 30 Ratschen commissioned by PSALM Festival a division of styriarte Gsicht 2007 Signation commissioned by the Festival STYRIARTE aus r asten 2007 2008 for Piano and BassDrum GRAFENAST 100 Tirol flussleere 2008 for Mur River Sirens Electronic 7 FemaleVoices commissioned by the Festival STYRIARTE rrrr 2009 Soundaction for numerous Ratschen voces 2009 Sound for a Documentary by Mischa G Hendel wehrt 2009 Sound for a sculpture by Giovi nd 2009 for the 250 th Friedrich von Schiller s schlaff 2009 Wax Candle Sculpture rrrr 2010 Soundaction for numerous Ratschen Vuvuzelas JA 2010 chfs remix of thunder by Jakuzi s Attempt rrrr 2011 bund 2011 2012 for E Bass Snare Drum tschüs 2012 t y s a

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    Florian Meixner Countertenor Helmut Schäfer Computer Artist Garfield musician DD Kern musician Mamela Nyamza choreographer Zbigniew Karkowski composer Robert B Lisek scientist Manuel Knapp mediaartist Klangforum Vienna Klangwege 2003 Ensemble Piktogramm Komprovisation 2004 and the Ensemble Recherche Klangspuren 2005 p iano f eedback d istortion experimental duo and St udenzen St udio s experimental studio together with Alfred Lenz Head of in dust org room to move organisation Schlagschatten finishing

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    VEILCHEN Graz Austria n o s pace i s i nnocent steirisc her bst 2006 March 9 2007 Forum Stadtpark Graz Austria pfd Faust HÖRFEST 2007 April 5 2007 VEILCHEN Graz Austria G I JOE JOOKLO DUO April 20 2007 Forum Stadtpark Graz Austria Reichtum isst Heute FORUM FESTIVAL 2007 July 27 2008 Main Bridge Graz Austria flussleere April 11 2009 rrrr November 30 2009 St Andrä Church Graz Austria

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    NEXT m TeTa chfs

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    SAKRA 2003 SAKRA 2006 SAKRA 2007 SAKRA 2010 SAKRA 2012 SAKRA 2013 f e a t u r e s SAKRA m SAKRA 2014 1 SAKRA 2015 to be continued

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