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  • Indispensible Marketing | Leeds
    ordering in bulk The notice boards you see in supermarket entrances and by the checkouts aren t just for advertising second hand bikes or furniture a very cheap often free see Small Business Computing articles way to raise your profile placing an advert on a supermarket board can help you reach new customers Make sure your advert is concise eye catching and conveys your unique selling point Advertising on public transport isn t as expensive as you might think The majority of taxi and bus companies now carry advertising and when you consider that many thousands of people will see your advert every day investing in this type of advertising can reap significant rewards However this form of advertising doesn t work for all business and if you re based in a rural area and are hoping to reach local customers for example it s likely to better to consider other options Last and by no means least don t overlook printed flyers designed to be posted through customers letterboxes Printing flyers usually costs under 100 for around 250 if you design them yourself but obviously the costs will be higher if you have them professionally designed Make sure you include contact deals and a clearly defined unique selling and point and you should find that your flyers bring in plenty of new enquiries Is your website letting your business down It s all too easy to get the design of a website wrong and unfortunately all too many small businesses fail to recognise the importance of having a well designed user friendly website that showcases their brand products or services When your potential customers are searching online the chances are that they ll simply stumble across your website by accident instead they are likely to be searching for a solution to a problem Take a good look at your website and if the home page is all me me me it needs to be changed so that it demonstrates that you care about what your customers want by offering them a solution For example if you run a garden landscaping business a website which tells potential clients all about you is no good what they really need to know is what you offer and is it right for them Another pitfall is boring run of the mill stock imagery Avoid this at all costs as what really attracts customers and makes your business look authentic and authoritative is good quality original photographs which demonstrate what you do and reflect your brand or company image A website that s full of fresh new content is vital as by leaving out of date news on display for all to see says nothing to your customers By ensuring that your website is continuously updated you ll be able to engage with your customers whilst building trust in your products or services Effective relatively simple ways to do this include a newsletter section or blog posts Don t forget the importance of offering

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