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  • Live H2O | Concert For The Living Waters
    peaceful and prosperous paradigm In this riveting seminar Dr Leonard G Horowitz proves why he earned the title World Leading Intellectual After decrypting Leonardo da Vinci s most famous drawing The Vitruvian Wo Man Dr Horowitz revealed the most profound and practical knowledge for the Spiritual Renaissance and civilization s evolution toward world peace This real da Vinci code inspires creative genius and prophetic vision This intuitive insight includes the knowledge and practices that produce prosperity in all ways and a healthier destiny for you and everyone else intelligent enough to lend an open ear and eye for the factual evidence he presents Dr Horowitz reveals the mathematics of Divine creativity and the musical language empowering the laws of physics spirituality and cosmic unity This grand unification is available by choice bridges all religious and cultural divides and promises fulfillment of your truly Divine destiny Are you ready to lead humanity into unprecedented health peace and prosperity This is your quick download of instructions and training By studying da Vinci Plato Aristotle and Pythagoras Dr Horowitz has tapped into the core creative sounds of nature or the Master Matrix This is called the Kingdom of Heaven in the religious world This instruction is priceless as a self help spiritual development guide providing wisdom to optimize success in life fulfill personal and career goals and fully engage grand unification and Divine direction This DVD presentation explains how and why Most modern diseases are man made and politically contrived Population controllers are preventing you from learning these truths Your heart yearns to commune spiritually with your Maker through math and music A global baptism is humanly needed wanted and Divinely destined A Concert for the Living Water can secure sustainable peace Faith and trust in your Divine Source is life saving and spiritually enabling Dr Horowitz is the author of sixteen books including three bestsellers Emerging Viruses AIDS Ebola Nature Accident or Intentional Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and Healing Celebrations Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture Natural Medicine Modern Science Tetrahedron Press 1 888 508 4787 This DVD package includes two discs with more than 3 hours of life changing edutainment Includes memorable selections from Scott Huckabay s evening concert in which he plays in 528Hz and 417Hz the frequencies of LOVE and REsonance respectively ONLY 29 60 Thanks to Jack Bailey who served faithfully and effectively helping to host the LIVE EARTH Concert on several dedicated servers LIVE H2O will be brought to you similarly over the Internet thanks to an In Kind Service Grant from Jack s company SPAMCURB Most people do not know that organized crime is behind most of the 200 billion spams sent to people every day Spams cost Internet users an estimated 10 billion annually Click the logo on the left to protect yourself using SpamCurb Thanks to film maker and consciousness researcher Jim Law and friends LIVE H2O is happening in Vancouver BC Please support Jim Law and Voice Entertainment continue to be a

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