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  • animbar: create picket fence, barrier grid and Moiré animations
    input to animbar is a set of images of same pixel size This means that all the images we are going to load must have the same number of pixels both in width and height The images may be of any format your local QT installation supports After starting animbar go to the menu File Open to load the input images The file dialog is setup in such a way to filter all the supported file types The therein found list of valid file endings jpeg png bmp is the place to learn what format your input images can be You may also have a look at this table to learn what image formats Qt supports by default After having opened all input images you may select multiple images in the file open dialog at a time all loaded images are displayed as thumbnails along with their short filenames in the left part of the user interface You may now rearrange the order of images by moving them around drag and drop You may also remove selected images by pressing the delete key or add further images through the file open dialog Once we are done with setting up the input images compute the animation for either the selected or all input images by choosing the menu entry Edit Compute Animation Depending on the input size of your images and the power of your computer this may take some seconds The resulting base image that is the image combining all the input images into one is displayed right after computation has finished To get an idea on what the final animation will look like move the slider right below the image display area This will overlay the mask with the base image actually what we will do in real world

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