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  • Printing Annual Compensation Report
    reports annual salary compensation data for all MSD employees to the State Controller s Office The SCO database contains information on the salary and other compensation of public employee positions in cities counties special districts CSU and UC systems and

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  • Montecito Sanitary District - Financial Statements
    Rebate Program 5 Fees Sewer Service Charges 6 Fats Oil and Grease 7 Reports Current page is 7 1 Financial Statements 7 2 Annual Compensation Report 7 3 NPDES Annual Summary 7 4 Sewer System Management Plan SSMP 8 Job Opportunities 9 Images 10 Links 11 Contact Click the links below to review the annual Audited Financial Statements Fiscal Year 2014 2015 Fiscal Year 2013 2014 Fiscal Year 2012 2013

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  • Printing NPDES Annual Summary
    Click on the links below to review the NPDES Annual Summary Reports NPDES Report 2015 NPDES Report 2014 NPDES Report 2013 NPDES Report 2012 NPDES Report 2011 NPDES Report 2010

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  • Printing Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)
    Click the link below to review the Sewer System Management Plan SSMP

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  • Printing Services
    treatment plant to biologically and chemically process wastewater A system for ocean monitoring to assure that the marine environment is protected and safe for public use Management of biosolids the solid residue from the treatment process through biological oxidation drying and composting The processed material is reused as a soil amendment Collection Here is a map PDF of served and unserved areas Treatment Plant Process Diagram Disposal The disinfected wastewater

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  • Printing History
    and safety and to preserve the natural environment through the collection treatment and disposal of wastewater in the most cost effective way possible The District provides service to approximately 10 000 people through 3 087 service connections It maintains approximately 78 miles of sewer pipelines and four pumping stations The District s collection system is predominantly vitrified clay pipe VCP with some areas of polyvinyl chloride pipe PVC asbestos cement

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  • Printing Board of Directors
    Meetings The Montecito Sanitary District Board meets bi monthly the second and last Monday of each month at 1 15 pm in the District s Board Room Most Recent Board Agenda Office Hours Contact Information Office Hours are 8 00

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  • Printing Staff
    Staff Current Organization Chart

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