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  • Sacred White Buffalo | Honoring Native Americans
    a belief that the Universe and everything that makes up the universe has its own soul or spirit This means that every plant tree and stone has its own soul Other things like storms and fires are also believed to have souls by the Native American people These type of beliefs allowed for a profound connection and affection for nature Animals sun and wind were often worshipped by the Native Americans and they even believed that dances could bring about rain They prayed to the gods and nature for all that they needed to survive Spirituality was a prominent part of Native American culture They felt as though they were one with nature and owed it a great deal of gratitude The Great Spirit Instead of praying to God they referred to the creator as the Great Spirit This spirit was said to have created the entire world and was responsible for all that nature had to offer This resulted in the Native American people praying and worshipping the Great spirit and looking for favor For more information on spirit and spirituality please visit here http www signalriver com Shaman and Medicinal Practices Another custom that is well known in Native American culture involves the belief in healing powers Shaman were critical to each tribe and were believed to have special healing powers that were given from the spirit world Shaman were seen as mediums that had connections to the spirit world and could heal humans Magic and medicine were used to heal the sick and cure disease However shaman were also believed to have other powers that involved telling the future and controlling the hunt Customs and Ceremonies The Native American people used their customs to show their respect for the spirits They created dances and orchestrated ceremonies that were designed to appease the spirits and be a sign of respect All tribes had their own ceremonies but they were all similar and included the same basic customs Spirits were important to the Native Americans and they always tried preserve their people by respecting the spirits that had control The ceremonies often included elaborate dances that were accompanied by song Some of the most popular Native American dances included the Pipe Dance Rain Dance Buffalo Dance and Basket Dance The dances that were performed were often ideal for each individual tribe Posted in Native Americans and tagged Beliefs Culture by White Buffalo with 1 comment Recent Posts Video interview about the White Buffalo Legend About the beliefs and culture of Native Americans Recent Comments Bill on Legend and Significance of the White Buffalo aubrey on Legend and Significance of the White Buffalo Deborah Fountain on Dream Catchers Contact another world Deborah Fountain on Dream Catchers Contact another world grant burk on Legend and Significance of the White Buffalo Pages About Native American Healing Traditions Can the Cherokee Tribes be Really Descended from Holy Tribes of Israel Dream Catchers Contact another world Legend and Significance of the White Buffalo Native

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