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    growing but still much too limited circles of family country and race shall finally discover that the only truly natural and real human unity is the spirit of the earth From The Spirit of the Earth in Human Energy It is not only in the thought of philosophers or the contemplation of mystics but in the general consciousness of humankind that the awareness of some divine presence underlying evolution demands to be clearly recognised as an ultimate and constant support for action From Action and Activation in Science and Christ 180 Prev Next Featured Project Journey of the Universe Featured Essay Teilhard s Mysticism The Circle of Presence By Kathleen Duffy SSJ Translations in French and Spanish Upcoming Event American Teilhard Association Annual Meeting May 14 2016 Lecture by Ilia Delio Teilhard de Chardin and World Religions Ultra Catholic or Ultra Human Teilhard Studies A series of publications concerned with the future of the human in the light of the writings of Teilhard Teilhard Perspectives The newsletter of the American Teilhard Association generally published twice annually and mailed to all members The American Teilhard Association Exploring and building on the life and work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 2015 American Teilhard Association Annual Meeting Lecture by John Haught on Teilhard Religion and Big History A Look Inside Click here for more photos The American Teilhard Association since its foundation in 1967 is committed to making the thought and vision of Teilhard more widely available the Association seeks to bring an encompassing perspective to this great task of shaping the well being of the Earth community at a time when so many disintegrating forces are at work Teilhard s vision of the sequential evolution of the universe provides a firm and inspiring basis upon which to envision a sustainable future This

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