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  • AAahAAA: Faster, harder, AAahAAA
    x Let s go immerse in the illusion y Listen and forget x We all need more confusion y The crew is at your side z It s getting faster harder AAahAAA z It s getting faster harder AAahAAA x The messages are all related y Fiction s for the masses x Everyone s allready mated y Spritits are for asses x All around the great big world y Rumours

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  • AAahAAA: Want, Don't Want
    morning oh no I don t want to be a big bear fleeing hunters in the evening oh no So what do I want to be Do I want to be anything I don t know oh no I think I want to be a gnome Sailing on a spotted lotion Running round in colored gardens Sleeping in a cosy potion I don t want to be a small cat

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  • AAahAAA: Please
    know what to do Get me get me out of here Let me go to everywhere Let me go to neverwhere Let me go to the place where my soul can be free Free of anger Free of angst Free of sorrow Free of thoughts Free from worries Free from living Free free free Please let me be I m not made for living I m not made for beeing I m not made for anything in this world Please let me be Help help help please please please no more no more no more no more stop stop stop end it now stop no more No no no everything is evil everything is black is bright is hurtful I don t want to be here I don t want to be anywhere just leave me alone I don t want do see anyone to meet anyone I don t want to be alone please don t leave me I m afraid I don t want this I m scared please go away please go away please leave me alone to rot in my home I never want to see anyone again I never want to be me again please

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  • AAahAAA: Rhyme & Reason
    away fallout exiles mime cafe brittle decoys football heart knockout lifestyles slime convey assert allies glow immerse avert advise flow perverse whittle alloys recall tart insert applies grow diverse bonsai belies frock decrease popeye relies stock apiece little annoys pinball

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  • AAahAAA: Reality
    Reality No Musik

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  • AAahAAA: Pictures Of War (Quana 1996 & Jenin 2002)
    know Pictures of torture Pictures of suffering Pictures of death in my head On the net Why not on TV Why not in the press Children without heads Women burned alive Heaps of corpses on the ground Some say this

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  • AAahAAA: Help
    feel The world is hell it s ominous and dark War and drugs booze and broken friends Some live and die in junkie hell Some gets butchered by the forces of good How can I believe this life s worth living Even though I know it is it feels another way Is happiness a temporary illusion to keep us from complete despair Or is despair the working of my mind gone bad and happines what s really there if only I can find it I want my friends to live To truly live instead of slowly dying No drugs that drags them down below and drowns them in the seas of hell Please God come help the ones in need Come help all those who s lost their lives before they had a chance to live This world s no place for those that lives It s no place for the living dead It no place for us at all We should not have to be here But still I m trying to be good To live my life for myself and others To feel the strength of love and friends To not give up and never fall into complete

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  • AAahAAA: AG7: Mantourus 20101227
    pact s bombe Dovish is fishery Central landmark Curbing triggers ivory Hi Part 2 Report the satellite of international gnas Curb the iis of shoot Farther Londons Ladies Defenses and cathedrals He Maiduguri ss patkar Say Nato signs the company of dores Person happens birth Unclear hallmark Hi Train detains lagos Jim celebrates southeast Acapulco accuses Khodorkovsky What Far fins battle s pilot Inc curbs aviv Consortium apologizes the riot of United Say Bombe says scandal Hi Adversary suspends the bashar of bamboo He Riversdale helps medha What Southeast produces elder s Ministry Say Illegal shock Mikindani spies the elite of week Deuel has jesu s dror What Chowdhury makes the ouattara of Angel US is fear Bird tries battle Hi The XVI suspectss like a second jie Where are the illegal plan Clerics says like a massive leak Second large scale isaf will report the foggy other be Increase ss next Be hangs Obama Why does the trad suspect Say Ecuadorean accuses raid s recognise Hi Tire says the By of year What Uds flocks the warrant of blizzard s bus Cardiff launches coexistence Risk meets the sea of Gbagbo Gang resolves crude oil s Lima Kittleson polices the

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