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  • White House Weatherization Event - Part 1 of 2 - Multimedia Library -
    Health and Safety FAQs Master That Interactive Training Health and Safety Issues Asbestos Building Structure Combustion Appliances and Gases Crew Safety Electrical Issues Existing Health Problems Lead Paint Mold and Moisture Radon Refrigerants Spray Polyurethane Foam Volatile Organic Compounds WPN 11 6 Health and Safety Categories A E F R S Z Deferral Standards Resources Monitoring IBTS Visits ENERGY STAR SIRTT FAQs Message Board Technology Submission Application Form Additional Resources Technical Glossary Public Information How Do I Start a PIC Print Media Feature Stories Developing Press Releases Submitting Press Releases Press Release Examples Word of Mouth or Free Strategies How Do I Connect to Others Policy Makers Partners Targeting Partners Constituency Site Demonstrations Social Media Facebook Publicize your Facebook Page Twitter Publicize your Twitter Feed YouTube Blogs Telling the Story Audiences How to Reach Them Where They Are Common Frames and How to Use Them Writing Your Story Step 1 Choosing Your Stories Step 2 The Beginning is Important Framing Your Story Step 3 Describing the Specific Problem and Goals Step 4 Describe the Solution and Solution Implementation Step 5 Describe the Outcome Individuals and their Successes How Do Their Stories Fit In Pitfalls Tell a Personal Story When Use Numbers A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Weatherization Day WAPTAC Resources Documents from Around the Country 2015 Weatherization Day 2014 Weatherization Day 2013 Weatherization Day 2012 Weatherization Day 2011 Weatherization Day 2010 Weatherization Day 2009 Weatherization Day Tools Talking Points Customizable Slide Show Presentation Fact Sheet and Brochure Power Point Tips Sample Letters Weatherization Logo Weatherization Presentations 101 301 More Tools and Resources Toolkits Best Practices Ask An Expert Meet Our Experts Expert Questions Answers WAPTAC Blog Message Board Training Resources WAP Training Centers Regional Training Centers State Training Centers Training Center Toolkits Accreditation Assessment ISD NEAT MHEA Resources

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