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  • Web Platform Blog | News on the Open Web Platform | Page 6
    managed this Continue reading Posted in Infrastructure Site News One Small Step Oct 08 2012 by Shepazu Welcome to WebPlatform org This site is really just the starting point for great things to come The goal of this site is to be the place to come for answers to your trickiest and simplest development and design questions about the Open Web Platform For years web developers have had to rely on multiple sites to help them learn web programming or design each with one piece of the puzzle Great sites appear covering one or two subjects but too often fail to keep up with the rapid pace of changes to the web platform This may have been good enough when the web was just simple HTML basic CSS and maybe a little JavaScript but that was a long time ago Today s web is more than just documents it s applications and multimedia and it s changing at a breakneck pace WebPlatform org will have accurate up to date comprehensive references and tutorials for every part of client side development and design with quirks and bugs revealed and explained It will have in depth indicators of browser support and interoperability with links to tests for specific features It will feature discussions and script libraries for cutting edge features at various states of implementation or standardization with the opportunity to give feedback into the process before the features are locked down It will have features to let you experiment with and share code snippets examples and solutions It will have an API to access the structured information for easy reuse It will have resources for teachers to help them train their students with critical skills It will have information you just can t get anywhere else and it will have it all in one place But it doesn t Not yet Right now it has a wiki docs webplatform org which anyone with an account can edit and structured templates for ensuring consistency It has a massive import of data from Microsoft Opera Google Facebook Mozilla Nokia Adobe and W3C still in a rough form that needs a lot of polishing It has a chat channel and Q A forums and a blog And all this material will be available free for anyone to use for any purpose This is an alpha release There is much to do and we think that the best way to achieve our goal of a comprehensive up to date and useful site is to enable the entire community to shape it to meet our needs together So in the spirit of release early release often we decided to announce the site at the earliest possible point and improve it in public with the web community This site has the backing of some of the biggest players on the Web Adobe Apple Facebook Google HP Microsoft Mozilla Nokia and Opera These organizations are stewards for the project enabling W3C to convene the community and grow the

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