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... Read our Tips and Tricks and if you have Questions about how to use the Wiki that are not answered ask and read the answers Get familiar with DokuWiki syntax Set up a Volunteer Profile for yourself here and talk a bit about what you do on HC Requests any changes you need section for your team rights for team members This Wiki is mostly for long term documentation and cooperation on texts for discussions use the Volunteer Forum Create links back and forth between this Wiki and the Volunteer Forum Public pages Volunteer Wiki start Meetings Overview HC Meetings Overview several Howtos for Meeting Organizers pages for HC Meetings HC on Facebook E TravelGuide HC and Airbnb all info about our partnership Pages open to all volunteers need to register Tips and Tricks how to use this wiki Meeting Invitations Overview and Workspace prepare and submit Meeting Invitations here Wiki Admin Requests get access to your team section Volunteer Forum Requests request the activation of your account or changes to the forum itself HC Dictionary explaining our slang Volunteer Profiles please set one up for yourself News from Teams read what s happening Volunteer Opportunities here we need help most urgently Volunteer Ticker whenever you have done something for HC just leave a quick note here all public Team and Project pages listed below Teams and Projects Every team please set up one public page with general info about your team and how to join and then use the namespace for your internal info The Wiki doesn t know which teams you are in If you get the You don t have enough rights to continue message post a request for the appropriate access rights Projects HC E TravelGuide public HC Local Volunteers public forum HC Velo public HC...

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