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Title: 7 wonders of the world - 7 wonders of everywhere and all the times

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Description:A complete directory of the 7 Wonders of everywhere and all the times in the world.
... investing in good causes related with the monument preservation and reconstruction around the world Natural Wonders There are many lists of the Natural Wonders of our planet These lists include several of the most beautiful places of the World like mountains water falls rainforest canyons volcanos natural reserves forests etc Civil Engineering Wonders New technologies and materials have allowed the humans to build structures increasingly impressive and complex paying tribute to the modern society s ability for achieving the unachievable and refusing the notion of it can t be done Ancient Wonders Ancient Seven Wonders of the World reflected the ability of the men to change the nature in order to build wonderful and beautiful structures Middle Ages Wonders During the Middle Ages the medieval mind was also captivated by the amazing structures created by humanity Man made Wonders This list was created to list the top man made tourist travel wonders of the world Underwater Wonders CEDAM began the Seven Underwater Wonders project in 1989 in order to protect the underwater wonders before they will be lost forever Top 7 Wonders Christ the Redeemer Christ the Redeemer the most important monument of the Catholic parishioners waits for the visitors of the whole world with the opened arms Hanging Gardens of Babylon The legend says that the King Nebuchadnezzar constructed the gardens to please his wife Amytis They were amazing terraces with beautiful flowers and tree around the palace of Nebuchadnezzar in the city of Babylon The Lighthouse of Alexandria This wonder was located in the island of Pharos in front to the coastline of Alexandria The Lighthouse served to guide the sailors and it was one of the highest buildings of the world Temples of Bali Bali is known as the Island of the Gods This paradisiacal Islands has...

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