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Title: Northwest Straits Derelict Fishing Gear Removal Program

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Description:The Northwest Straits Initiative derelict fishing gear removal program in marine waters of Puget Sound.
... nets 3 173 crab pots and 47 shrimp pots from Puget Sound restoring 661 6 acres of critical marine habitat More than 331 600 animals representing more than 240 unique species were found entangled in this gear Species found include porpoise sea lions scoters grebes cormorants canary rockfish Chinook salmon and Dungeness crab For a complete report of our progress to date click here To view of map of the locations where nets have been removed click here What s Left Nets We estimate that fewer than 900 derelict fishing nets remain in shallow sub tidal areas of Puget Sound entangling and killing more than 600 000 animals each year We are continuing removal operations as funding allows Deepwater nets We also know there are untold numbers of nets in deeper water possibly entangling endangered rockfish and other deepwater species and destroying habitat Three species of deepwater rockfish Bocaccio yelloweye and canary are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act NOAA and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife identify derelict fishing nets as a likely stressor on these rockfish and recommend the removal of derelict fishing nets to help recover the species Deepwater derelict net removal is also a Near Term Action identified in the 2012 Puget Sound Action Agenda The Northwest Straits Foundation is actively removing derelict fishing nets from Puget Sound in waters to 105 feet but currently does not operate below that depth due to diver safety concerns A June 2013 report Deepwater Derelict Fishing Gear Removal Protocols Identifying and Assessing the Feasibility of Removal of Deepwater Derelict Fishing Nets from Puget Sound Washington was commissioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA Protected Species Program and explores various deepwater removal protocols including the use of remotely operated vehicles ROVs grapples and deepwater divers The most promising protocol identified in the report is the use of ROVs to remove deepwater derelict fishing nets A pilot project to test this removal method in shallow water prior to testing in deeper water is recommended Known nets in both shallow and deep water are identified for this pilot project The Northwest Straits Foundation is currently seeking funding for this pilot project The report was written by Natural Resources Consultants the firm that manages the field work for the Northwest Straits Foundation s derelict fishing gear program Click here to view the full report Crab pots More work is needed to prevent the loss of crab pots as well Our research estimates that 12 000 pots are lost in Puget Sound every year We support local efforts to conduct outreach to recreational crabbers on best practices in order to reduce the number of lost pots and ensure pots are rigged with biodegradable escape cord ARRA Project Complete In 2010 the Initiative completed an 18 month project with 4 6 million dollars of economic stimulus funding from NOAA The project enabled us to ramp up our removal operations from one boat operating part time to four full time removal vessels For...

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